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Founded by Shaun Sanghani, named one of Variety's "10 Producers to Watch" in 2018, SSS Entertainment has developed, nurtured, produced, and backed dozens of high profile motion pictures over the last decade.


Having rapidly expanded in the last several years, we're continuing to position our company and slate for sustained growth...  Far into the future.

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About Us

The world needs good stories, and they can be found in the most unexpected of places.

That's why, since our founding in 2007, SSS Entertainment has sought to partner with the most talented storytellers—be they established directors or first-time auteurs—on a diverse array of projects for all audiences, across genres and budgets.

In fact, from high-octane flicks starring the likes of Al Pacino and Samuel L. Jackson to character pieces of a more intimate scope, we're privileged to have worked with some of the finest filmmakers and performers working today.

As we continue to develop, produce, and now finance films with an ever-increasing reach, our own story continues to evolve.

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