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Hooking Up (2020)

Drama, Comedy  |  English

Director: Nico Raineau

'Hooking Up' is a comedy starring Brittany Snow, Jordana Brewster, Amy Pietz, Vivica A. Fox, Sam Richardson, and Anna Akana.

Synopsis: Darla, a crass female sex addict, and Bailey, a timid testicular cancer patient, engage in a misguided and mutually deceitful form of therapy, one in which they must drive across the country reenacting Darla’s myriad trysts from state to state.

Hooking Up Official Trailer (2020) -  Brittany Snow, Sam Richardson
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"'Hooking Up' takes chances. It’s a romantic comedy that dares to be harsh... and yet it actually is funny, without making light of the heavy subject matter."

– Mick LaSalle, The San Francisco Chronicle

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