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I Used to Go Here (2020)

Comedy  |  English

Director: Kris Rey

'I Used to Go Here' is a comedy starring Gillian Jacobs and Jemaine Clement.

Synopsis: Following the launch of her new novel, 35-year-old writer Kate Conklin (Jacobs) is invited to speak at her alma mater by her mentor and former professor (Clement). After accepting the invitation, Kate finds herself deeply enmeshed in the lives of a group of college students.

Official Selection

2020 South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW)

I USED TO GO HERE Trailer (2020) Gillian Jacobs, Jemaine Clement, Comedy Movie
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"With modesty, precision and wry compassion, 'I Used to Go Here' limns human nature at its most contradictory and indefinable."

– The Washington Post

"What's so funny about the film is that it shows how very little divides your early-twenty something self from your mid-thirty something self ."

– The Guardian

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