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White Rabbit (2013)

Drama  |  English

Director: Tim McCann

'White Rabbit' is a drama starring Britt Robertson ('Tomorrowland') and Sam Trammell (‘True Blood’, 'Fault in Our Stars').

Synopsis: The story of a bullied high school teen (Krause) who begins having visions of a rabbit that he killed when he was nine years old. The rabbit, along with other imaginary characters, turn menacing in the hopes of pushing him over the edge and luring him into one last fatal act of revenge.

Official Selection⁠

 2013 Zurich Film Festival

White Rabbit Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Nick Krause, Britt Robertson Movie HD
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“The emotional authenticity makes what could have easily been just another in a long line of similarly-minded dramas feel like a singular human story”


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